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Ripenup® by Kitchen Companions, LLC®

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Ripenup® Pineapple Ripener

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Assembling and Disassembling Ripenup

Got my pineapple ripening stand in white and it looks so sleek and elegant in my kitchen counter while ripening my pineapple.

Z. V- Pompano Beach, FL

Bought these little gadgets in both black and white to complement my decor as i buy a couple of pineapples at a time to make delicious recipes for my family. Now my pineapples are off the counter and they ripen deliciously.

L.A- Las Vegas, NV

A relative gave me this gadget as a present because i love to make and bake pineapple dishes. Well, not only are my pineapple's ripening great but my counter looks cute displaying my pineapple. All i can say is how creative and what a cute gadget!

M.R- Alamosa, Colorado